About AdsFlaunt

The parent company of AdsFlaunt is a firm named VRP Enterprises based at Bengaluru, Karnataka, India. At present the sole proprietor of the firm is Mrs. Vidya Desai.

AdsFlaunt takes your advertising strategy where your audience is – on Mobile. Reach and engage mobile-first users, through a platform built exclusively for mobile driven sales. Advertise your product or service to the most engaged audience, ever.

AdsFlaunt was born as a response to the demands of a mobile-first world. A world where the vast majority of users access the internet through mobile devices. A world where TV commercials, billboards, and print ads are en route to becoming redundant, and are giving way to mobile advertising.

Mobile advertising brings brands and businesses the potential to deliver well-directed messages to their target audience, via personalized ads viewed exclusively on mobile devices. Mobile-based ads can help you reach highly relevant audiences and work wonders for your business. But not all advertisers have the bandwidth or the mobile marketing tools to craft Mobile Advertising Strategies with positive ROI.

Hence AdsFlaunt – a failsafe way for advertisers to grow their revenue, and for users to find the products or services that actually interest them. We’re one of the few platforms in the world that pay users real money to view ads. By incentivizing the ad-viewing process, we guarantee a high level of audience engagement with your product or service. At the same time, we eliminate intermediaries from the equation, thus ensuring that it is your target audience that benefits from viewing your ads.

Your search for the best in-app advertising networks, and the most cost-effective mobile marketing strategies, end here. AdsFlaunt is dedicated to growing your revenue and brand awareness through mobile advertising. Our transparent and efficient process establishes a seamless connect between your brand and your target audience.

Achieve next-generation, deep-level targeting based on parameters such as age, gender, location, income, and language proficiency. Showcase rich, compelling content in a variety of mobile ad formats to steer your customers all the way through the purchase funnel – from awareness to conversion. Use analytics to measure your growth and make informed marketing decisions. All this without ad-blockers, ad-related malware, or domain spoofing risks. Just run your ads, and watch your CTR, CPI, CPA, and retargeting numbers grow.

Advertise differently, monetize smartly, and in the process, build a solid foundation for your brand with AdsFlaunt.

Our Values


Mobile advertising is already the default choice for a large percentage of advertisers. We’re on a mission to make it the norm worldwide, replacing all other modes of advertisement currently in use.

These are exciting times for mobile advertising. ZenithOptimedia predicts that mobile advertising will represent a whopping 60% of all online advertising in 2018. Ad formats are also undergoing an overhaul. For the first time ever, advertisers are spending more on video ads than on classic banner Ads.

We’re looking to take these developments and changing preferences in our stride, and channel them into making AdsFlaunt the preferred mobile advertisement publishing platform of the future.


We envision a conscious and transparent digital world where development and progress align with sustainability and responsibility. AdsFlaunt is a definitive step in this direction.

By running digital ads, we aim to reduce the demand on the planet’s resources, and do our bit to protect the environment from chemical-laced inks.

We’re also committed to social responsibility. When we create a dedicated, incentivized space for viewing ads, we’re also creating an ecosystem where advertisements benefit users, rather than third-party networks or services. Further, we aim to safeguard our users’ privacy and browsing data, and give them the means to voice their opinions on the quality of the ad content they view and consume on a daily basis.


What we offer


The Power of Reaching Your Customers Directly.

Did you know that by 2019, 72% of internet advertising will be displayed on mobile devices? That makes sense. The number of people who carry and check their phone many times a day is astounding. This is a fantastic opportunity for your business to leverage the power of Total Mobile Advertising to reach YOUR customers DIRECTLY and to get their UNDIVIDED attention. Imagine that when potential customers check their phones for information they require, they view your ads that speaks to their personal interest. Let us display your advertisements to captivate your potential customers as they check their mobile devices dozens of times a day.



Love Your Ads

Your customers will love your ads as they view them when they check their mobile devices. At first, they will fall in love with your advertisements, and then they will discover the quality of your services and products in the comprehensive descriptions, visuals, and videos available to them. When it comes time to make that investment either for products or services, your customers will remember how much they loved your advertisement, and so the purchase will flow naturally from the ads they loved. They can be taken, instantly, to your Landing Page for buying your products or services. Select AdsFlaunt to make that bond a reality for all of your customers.


Green Choice. Care about our Earth.

Digital marketing appeals to the green-conscious consumer. No longer do we need to produce paper products to reach our audiences. With folks checking their phones and mobile devices many times a day there is a potential to reach out to niche groups of clients with material that is targeted to their specific needs. There are now more mobile devices than there are people in the world. The number is over 7 billion. Many of the internet generation are attune to reducing their Carbon Footprint on our globe. Mobile device advertising is a successful way to reach out to folks who demand we treat our environment with the respect it deserves.



Your Marketing is in Safe hands.

You can trust us as our services are certified by the IAB – the Interactive Advertising Bureau. Certification ensures that as professionals we have the knowledge to display your ads in the world of mobile media as it expands its platforms, formats, and channels. The certification involved testing our skills as well as documenting that we are committed to learning new concepts in this rapidly changing world. This organization, as a thought leader in the industry, provides all its members with direction, advice, and tools to best represent our clients in the most up to date technical environment. In 2017 more than 8000 digital experts are represented from over 250 companies. Some of the most prominent players are members: Google, Hulu, Yahoo. But none is as unique as AdsFlaunt-the Advertisement People.


Leave your Marketing to the new age professionals.

You have busy days while concentrating on growing your business. Does it make sense to complicate your life further by learning the new technology of Total Mobile advertising? Are you trying to gain eyeballs via indirect marketing through Social Media? You can save yourself the time and aggravation by leaving the hard work to us – the experts in the field. Not only are we familiar with the technical aspects but we know the marketing techniques to make a difference. As part of that hard work, we will monitor the effectiveness of the campaign and report the results back to you. You will be astounded by the difference that mobile advertising can make.

Hard Work
Job Done


We get your Job Done.

It is impossible to gain customers and convert them unless the advertising job is done. Half planned campaigns take up time that you could be devoting to other significant areas of your business. Leave the work to us. We have the knowledge, the connections and the expertise to work efficiently and effectively. You could send your staff for training but how long will that take? Don't they have more important things to do? Through our unique approach, we will collaborate with you to determine your needs and aspirations. Then we will start your campaign, complete your goals and get the job done.


For using the services offered by AdsFlaunt, you are to pay (broadly) the following:
The duration of each output is calculated in one second increments and then converted into fractional minutes to determine the total charge for the output. For example, an output with a duration of 45 seconds would be 45/60, or 0.75 of a minute. The minimum duration for billing is 10 seconds, so an output with a duration less than 10 seconds is billed for 10 seconds of transcoding.
Resolutions are defined as in MPEG-DASH HTTPS streaming technology with the latest resolutions requirement.
Additional Charges: As stated above you will incur additional charges as your business uses other Adsflaunt services. For example, you may incur charges for storage of source and transcoded media files, for data-transfer between regions when your storage is in a region other than the one in which you submitted your transcoding job, for CDN delivery, for creating "Watch folder processing" and for detailed Analytics.


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